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One of the most traditional and representative crafts of Hidalgo, the tenangos, are made. Its colorful embroideries with birds, flowers, armadillos, roosters and human beings, express the daily life and worldview of the Otomí people of the sierra.

Its towns and cities have a wide variety of handmade crafts, rustic furniture, leaded, footwear, ceramics, cabinetry and many more products.

A place full of Hidalgo culture, traditions, gastronomy and handicrafts. Numerous craft workshops have been increased with maguey fibers, basketry, pottery, pyrotechnics, jewelry, textiles, ceramics, etc.

In the Nahuatl language, it means "river of the willows" but the Toltecs, who according to historians settled in this area, named it Hueychapan, or "abundance of water". He joined the Pueblos Mágicos program in 2012.for its abundance of good quality quarry benches and for its deep-rooted tradition of stone sculpture, which has its most remote origins in the tradition exercised by the Toltecs.

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